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In recent years, Facebook has witnessed a tremendous increase in its number of users. With millions of daily active users and millions still joining on a monthly basis. Facebook can be said to have the power to revolutionize the digital marketing world.

As a business owner, you definitely want profit. With the availability of effective tools and data, you can leverage this platform to reach your target audience and boost your brand digital footprint.

Facebook marketing is an effective and easy way to reach your target audience, get their attention and grow your business. Facebook gives opportunities for valuable connection that can help your business meet its financial goals.


At Visual Hull, what we do is we strategically set up a Facebook campaign that guarantees you start seeing results as soon as possible.

We understand the values of the first impression regardless of whether it’s based on personal relationship or professional relationship. We invest quality time to get the knowledge of what you do. This is to ensure we don’t run a misleading campaign that may affect your business image.

 Also, in order to generate more quality leads for your business, we create Facebook ads that are fine-tuned to reach the perfect audience.


While most companies are thinking about likes and followers, we think of creating a standard marketing system for generating top-notch new business leads that convert for your company. We are constantly brainstorming how to leverage Facebook to build an audience and effectively turn them into clients.

We don’t just start a Facebook campaign, our team of Facebook marketers helps to analyze your company’s products and services. We gather enough data to create a comprehensive and unique Facebook sales funnel that consists of valuable contents to boost your brand awareness. We also ensure that our Facebook ads have marketing and remarketing strategies to maximize lead conversion.

During the campaign process, we don’t rest our back thinking that’s the end of the job. We have a close monitoring strategy in place to check if there is a need for improvement. We do this in order to optimize the amount you invested in the campaign and ensure you get worthy value for every dollar you spend.

We are not just another regular digital marketing agency, we are the best in what we do. We are genuinely interested in the success of your business. Our team of marketing experts will work with you from the beginning to the end to ensure you achieve your business goals and that’s why you should hire us, you deserve the best.