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The Process

1. The outreach stage

You provide us the target URL (s), specific anchor texts to be used, DA/DR requirements, and the number of links required. We will first send you the sample list of website for approval. Once we have your understanding we start the outreach process.

2. The content writing Stage

We get the approved topic from the host website which we send to our writers. We provide them all the information and they do their job. The finished article is shared with you for approval and later sent to the host with a copyrighted image.

3. Your final placements

After we secure a successful placement we share a Google doc with you. This report is shared with you at the start of the project. All the metrics about the placements are also updated in the report. You can comment on them as well if a change is required.

Blogger Outreach Benefits

Genuine Outreach

All our placements come from genuine and manual outreach process.

Contextual Links

The placement of the link will be in content and in a natural manner. 

Quality Content

We have native writers who specialize in offering 100% unique and high-quality content.

Domain Metrics

We reach out to sites as per your requirements only.

No Duplication

All the placements will come from unique domains. There will be no duplicate links in report.

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